I am very happy to be associated with this program. My association and experience of being an agent between villagers of Mangrul (a village where I did my master’s dissertation) and these thoughtful minds to run the pilot project was great.
Like they say,
  • Reclaim,
  • Engage,
  • Contribute.
An idea of recycling engineering and architectural drawing sheets into children’s drawing books and notebooks which are made by rural women from the same rural pockets, where we cut the trees to make them at first place.
This initiative looks at the inequalities in our societies, inequalities in terms of caste, gender, class, rural-urban and the list goes on. I am confident that once the program starts functioning, it will start addressing the same inequalities. I hope this initiative and people associated like me will also question the reasons of these inequalities.
-Chinmay Patil
 Event collaborator
 CM Rural Development Fellow