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Collaboration event for women at Manglur, Maharashtra

I am very happy to be associated with this program. My association and experience of being an agent between villagers of Mangrul (a village where I did my master’s dissertation) and these thoughtful minds to run the pilot project was great. Like they say, Reclaim, Engage, Contribute. An idea of […]

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Child World Foundation

I am associated with┬ákora┬ákitab since 2014 I have conducted many workshops that cater towards the betterment of children in their environment through my foundation “Child World Foundation”. For one of these workshops, we decided to collaborate with kora kitab and customize the books, the product we went for is the […]

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Junoon Foundation

The initiative started by Kora kitab is one of its own kind! I loved the concept of re-using the sheets used by architecture students and give it to the women SHGs from the remote / tribal areas where the sorting and stitching is done. It gives them an opportunity to […]

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